Brave Nadia’s 19-Word Speech

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At the end of leading a packing session, I like to tell a story about one kid who has eaten FMSC food to point out the impact this food can have on one life. I was all set to do this at a MobilePack event at Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley when a little girl scout stood up and taught us that feeding one child touches hundreds of lives.

Volunteers were beginning to gather around me to hear how many meals their session had produced and I was mentally preparing what I was going to say. A group of girl scouts, perhaps 7 or 8 years old, rushed forward to crowd in right up front. They were chattering like monkeys in a tree.

The food was designated to go to Haiti, so I decided to share about Marilyn, one of my favorite stories to tell, to demonstrate the impact of the food. However, just before I began, I was told that there was a girl from Haiti at that session who wanted to speak. I stepped aside, a little girl scout climbed up on two stacked footstools, and she began to speak to 150 people.

“My name is Nadia. I am from Haiti. I grew up in an orphanage and I ate this food.”

She stepped down and walked over to her mother.

Later that night, I couldn’t help thinking about Nadia’s speech. I like to tell volunteers that the kids they feed are their treasure, even though they will probably never meet them. I wonder if the volunteers that donated money and packed food that sustained Nadia while she was in a Haitian orphanage could have fathomed that “their treasure” would be a beautiful young girl who we all got to actually meet that night.

Volunteers and donors gave to a Minnesota girl scout troop who got to laugh, play and learn with a friend who they never would have had otherwise. They gave to a mother in our own backyard who now has an amazingly brave adopted daughter to call her own. And they gave to all of us at the MobilePack event that night. Hearing and seeing Nadia made us realize how many lives feeding one child really touches.

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