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More Than Meals

This little boy’s name is Joel. He is three and a half years old and lives with his grandmother in a steep, mountainous area of Uganda where the soil is poor and there is no water. Feed My Starving Children’s partner, Rakai Orphans Development Initiative (RODI), provides them with FMSC meals which have really improved their health.

RODI helped this Ugandan family build a new house

Their house was literally crumbling and falling apart. The children were not strong enough to carry water up the mountain and their grandmother was quite weak. RODI saw these needs and stepped in to help. They built a new house for the family and gave them a water tank. RODI also paid for medical care for the grandmother so she is able to continue to provide for all of these children.

The family's new house and FMSC meals

FMSC is about more than just meals. Our partners look for all needs–physical, spiritual, emotional–and do everything they can to help. Thanks to RODI for all of their efforts in providing for this family!

10 Kids Who Were Transformed By FMSC Meals

If Fedner (above) wouldn’t have received and eaten Feed My Starving Children meals, he would have died. Here are nine more kids who were transformed by FMSC meals and the courageous work of our partners around the world.

10 Kids Who Were Transformed By FMSC Meals

Shaimie from the Philippines (Read Shaimie’s story.)

10 Kids Who Were Transformed By FMSC Meals

Pierre Emmanuel from Haiti (Read Pierre’s story.)

10 Kids Who Were Transformed By FMSC Meals

Omar from El Salvador (Read Omar’s story.)

10 Kids Who Were Transformed By FMSC Meals

Marilyn from Haiti (Read Marilyn’s story.)

10 Kids Who Were Transformed By FMSC Meals

Abdou from Burkina Faso

10 Kids Who Were Transformed By FMSC Meals

Moses from Haiti (Read Moses’ story.)

10 Kids Who Were Transformed By FMSC Meals

Nelson from Haiti (Read Nelson’s story.)

10 Kids Who Were Transformed By FMSC Meals

Kid from the Philippines (Read Kid’s story.)

10 Kids Who Were Transformed Through FMSC Meals

Jonise from Haiti (Read Jonise’s story.)

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Until All Are Fed

FMSC’s CEO, Mark Crea, shares a reflection from his most recent trip to Haiti.

After more than 25 trips to Haiti, there are not too many surprises. I enjoy seeing so many missionaries who have become dear friends. I also enjoy bringing “newbies” with me and love watching what happens when Haiti gets a hold of their hearts. I always wait for that moment when God renews or awakens that sense of urgency for feeding His starving children.

This week we visited one of our newest partners, Sport Disciple, and met Barrett and Carrie Todd. Their ministry combines team sports (specifically soccer) with discipleship and provides a nourishing meal (FMSC food) and clean water. In just a few months, this ministry has already grown to 500 boys and girls.

FMSC meals being distributed at Sport Disciple in Haiti

Inside their locked compound, we watched the coaches work, taking the teams through warm ups and drills. As we watched, we could smell the FMSC food cooking. But throughout all this activity, one unique sound could be heard. It was the sound of children outside, gently knocking on the steel door, wanting to get in. Outside were dozens of children not in the program, but hoping Barrett would let them in. They were hungry, thirsty, and wanting to play soccer. Barrett looked at us and said, “I will work tirelessly and keep expanding, so all these children can come in, be on a team, hear the Good Word, and be fed.”

The gentle knocking at the door is calling you and me to do more. We can help Sport Disciple reach and feed more children. Thank you for the work you do to feed God’s children in Haiti and all around the world. Please pray, volunteer, and donate so that we can feed all of the children knocking at the door.

FMSC meals being distributed at Sport Disciple in Haiti

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.” -Matthew 25:35

Ugandan Soccer Balls

Paul didn’t have enough money to pay for school. Instead of giving up, he started a small artisan business. Watch his amazing story to see how Paul now employs ten boys to make Ugandan soccer balls that are sold in the FMSC MarketPlace.

(if video does not load, CLICK HERE.)

Feed My Starving Children’s mission extends beyond just sending meals. We partner with great organizations providing hope, opportunities, and life to kids all around the world. The FMSC MarketPlace supports artisans in the communities that receive FMSC meals. When you purchase from the MarketPlace, you’re providing families with dignity and self-reliance.

To purchase a Ugandan Soccer Ball from the FMSC MarketPlace, please visit

How School Meals Make a Huge Difference

Moisés was severely malnourished. Too dizzy to attend school, he was forced to repeat first grade.

Moisés lives with his grandmother, Maria Elena. She can’t afford the vitamins and minerals he needs. Their neighborhood in Managua, Nicaragua, is extremely poor and dangerous. Most people work at the local trash dump. It’s a hard, filthy place.

FMSC’s partner Fabretto Children’s Foundation steps in to help. Moisés starts attending their school program, where he eats nutritious MannaPack Rice daily. Maria Elena helps cook the meals so she can be near her grandson.

Still, he struggles. His body isn’t functioning normally. Extremely malnourished kids often lose the desire to eat. At 13 years old, Moisés weighs only 58 pounds. A healthy boy his age should weigh almost double this weight.

Despite this, Moisés is one of Fabretto’s most motivated and cheerful students. He is eager to learn!

His teacher encourages him to eat full portions of MannaPack Rice. Because he eats nourishing food every day, even in small amounts at first, he is able to remain in school. Maria Elena receives FMSC meals to feed Moisés at home. This helps immensely. Consistent nutrition at school and at home gives him new strength.

How School Meals Make a Huge Difference

At 14 years old, Moisés’ eyes now sparkle. He’s still underweight at 66 pounds but he’s improving. Food makes all the difference.

“I am grateful for Fabretto and the donors who have made it possible for us to receive food,” says Maria Elena. “The meals that Moisés receives at the Center help him stay focused in class. He’s very motivated to go to school. He’s happy. That makes me happy, too.”

Moisés now attends secondary education (seventh grade), a huge achievement for a student in his community.

Nutritious FMSC meals motivate children to attend school, enable them to learn and give them a future brimming with Hope. This is why your giving is so important. You hand them their lives back. Thank you.

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How School Meals Make a Huge Difference

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him…” –Romans 15:13