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“They Had Nothing for Food at All”

Little Clarence (3) and his sister Neclare (11) were abandoned by their parents in Cadiz City, Philippines. Their grandfather stepped in to care for them, but when he died, they were suddenly alone.

No one was around to help. The children began to starve.

Neclare tried to take care of Clarence, but at such a young age, she didn’t know what to do for him. They lived in a hut broken down by Typhoon Haiyan, neglected and hopeless.

Clarence continued to grow skinnier, becoming weaker and more malnourished every day.

A kind neighbor, Arlene, looked out for the children as much as she could. Though she desperately wanted to help them, she was extremely poor and couldn’t find enough money for food.

Clarence and Neclare had nothing to eat before receiving FMSC meals
Clarence and Neclare had nothing to eat before receiving FMSC meals

International Care Ministries (ICM), one of FMSC’s incredible, hard-working partners, found frail Clarence in extreme distress. He was severely malnourished and barely surviving. Each of his ribs was visible. He weighed a mere 20.9 pounds (a healthy 3-year-old weighs 30-35 pounds!)

ICM began feeding the kids MannaPack Rice every day and helped fix their battered home. After 8 weeks on FMSC meals, Clarence gained nearly 8 pounds! He was transformed from a severely thin little boy into a happy, cheerful child.

His eyes returned to their normal sparkle. His cheeks filled out. Clarence even developed a cute double chin! With his health drastically improved, he had more energy to run around and play.

Clarence and Neclare had nothing to eat before receiving FMSC meals
Clarence grew healthy eating FMSC meals

Clarence and Neclare’s neighbor, Arlene, was amazed at Clarence’s transformation and impressed by MannaPack Rice. “It’s good they had the MannaPacks for food,” she said. “They had nothing for food at all.”

Recently the children’s family members have taken the kids into their care. Please join us in prayer for Neclare and Clarence—that these precious children may continue to be cared for, grow up strong and healthy and learn about how much Jesus loves them.

Until every child is fed.

Clarence grew healthy eating FMSC meals

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Hand-Woven Grass Baskets

The Rakai Orphan Development Initiative (RODI) is one of FMSC’s food partners in Uganda. Last year FMSC sent a container of food (272,160 meals) to RODI. In addition to providing life-giving meals to orphaned children in need, FMSC also works with the Ugandan staff in Rakai to purchase beautiful, handmade items from the Hope Again Women’s Ministry Cooperative.

This project employs over 200 women in the Rakai community, many of whom are widows affected by HIV/AIDS and who care for multiple children in their households. The women produce jewelry made from recycled magazines and hand-dyed, hand-woven grass baskets. The Hope Again Women’s Ministry is one of FMSC’s largest MarketPlace partners.

We are grateful to work with each and every artisan in the cooperative. As Mother’s Day approaches, here is one particular story we wanted to share.

Rose is a Ugandan artisan who supporters her family through basket weaving

Meet Rose. She is 35 years old and is a single mother of 6 children. She joined the Hope Again Women’s Ministry in 2011 shortly after separating with her husband. Without having any additional support from other family members, she struggled to raise her six children. The community of love she found at the Hope Again Women’s Ministry Cooperative was a great gift to her.

Rose makes beautiful, hand-woven grass baskets as well as recycled magazine jewelry. With the income she receives from her craft, Rose is able to feed her children. She has also invested in her family’s future by purchasing and raising pigs. The money she generates from these micro-businesses helps Rose pay school fees for her children who are enrolled at a very good school. She is grateful for her children’s education and has hope in what the future holds for them.

Rose’s future plans include starting a poultry project, planting coffee trees, and continuing to supporting her children in school. Rose intends to fulfill her plans and continue to care for her children through the sales of her beautiful baskets and jewelry. Support Rose and other women like her in Rakai, Uganda today by purchasing a unique, handmade basket from the FMSC MarketPlace for Mother’s Day.

Purchase a Hand-woven Grass Basket or Magazine Earrings from the FMSC MarketPlace.

FMSC MarketPlace - Hand-woven Ugandan grass basket
Ugandan earrings from the FMSC MarketPlace

New Video: Ebola Relief in West Africa

Since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Feed My Starving Children has shipped 12,842,488 meals to Liberia and Sierra Leone. Watch this new video to see how FMSC meals helped families during the crisis.

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In the past year, the Ebola outbreak has killed over 10,000 people. We’re grateful for all the support you’ve shown by responding to the need in West Africa. Thank you for donating and packing meals at FMSC.

To read more about FMSC’s response to the Ebola crisis, click HERE and HERE.

NEW VIDEO: Reaching The Least of These

I think God has a special place in His heart for those on the edge. The people I am talking about are all those that are in extreme poverty, experience hunger everyday, and see no rescue or relief coming. Feed My Starving Children receives hundreds of requests from orphanages and school feeding programs that get no support because of their small size and difficult to reach locations. They can’t afford the cost of buying food locally and getting money to pay for shipping food can’t even be a consideration.

So the question is, how do we get food to the hungry on this distant edge?

FMSC has developed a solution called Direct Distribution Depots, or 3D for short. 3D is a trial program being implemented in Haiti. In 3D, FMSC pays for transporting a container of food to an established and trusted partner that we have made a special agreement with.

Our first 3D partner is Help For Haiti (HFH) located close to Port-Au-Prince. HFH has been receiving and evaluating requests sent from FMSC and when possible, filling those requests. This approach has enabled us to reach 25 organizations waiting on the edge, waiting for someone to help.

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The first 3D has been so successful that we have started our second 3D in Kampala, Uganda with FMSC partner, Feed The Hungry. Please pray that 3D continues to bring hope to those that know no hope. Pray that God continues to open opportunities to find these “edges.” Once you find them, you also find great joy in serving the least of these and seeing more of God’s heart because He lives there too.

YOU Fed Him. He Survived!

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” –John 14:18

Fedner was deserted by both of his parents when he was just two years old. His grandfather tried to take care of his grandson, but already had 10 other people living in his small home. The family walked two hours every day to get water. They ate whatever they could find, and though Fedner’s grandfather worked hard to grow bananas, beans, corn and yams by hand, it was not enough. Food was always scarce.

Fedner was severely malnourished. He grew increasingly ill.

By four years of age, he had malaria and developed kwashiorkor, a serious protein deficiency caused by severe malnutrition. His eyes, face and feet were painfully swollen. Each of his ribs stuck out visibly.

Read the amazing story of how Fedner grew healthy eating FMSC meals
Read the amazing story of how Fedner grew healthy eating FMSC meals

His grandfather was desperate. He loved his grandson dearly. In a moment of extreme determination, he carried Fedner down the treacherous mountain path to the only place within a 2-hour walk where he could get help—a Rescue Center clinic run by Real Hope for Haiti (RHFH), a ministry that receives FMSC meals.

Here Fedner received medical attention and MannaPack Rice. With consistent monitoring and nutritious, protein-packed FMSC food, his body slowly began to heal. His hair turned dark again. His skin cleared up. The kwashiorkor swelling went down.

“Fedner and his grandfather have a deep love for each other,” says Licia Betor with Real Hope for Haiti. “I have a huge amount of respect for his grandpa for caring for him. It is not easy for them but he does as well as he can.”

In the span of one year, Fedner has gained more than eight pounds! He has become a healthy, happy five-year-old boy. He now has energy to play soccer with his friends, likes to play with trucks and can often be found singing and dancing. Praise the Lord for such an incredible miracle!

Read the amazing story of how Fedner grew healthy eating FMSC meals

RHFH cares for nearly 100 extremely malnourished children every day. They cannot succeed without FMSC meals. Because of greatly increasing need, partners like RHFH are doubling and tripling their requests for food. FMSC meals form the reliable foundation these ministries need for successful programs.

May we never stop fighting for children just like Fedner. As you volunteer your time with FMSC, you literally pack hope. Every cup of rice and soy and every scoop of vitamins and veggies means a life saved. Every penny you give makes a difference. Through you we can continue feeding kids who desperately need a nutritious meal.

Thank you for all you do.

Donate today…feed one more child!

Read the amazing story of how Fedner grew healthy eating FMSC meals