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FMSC Meals at Work After Earthquake

Last week, two strong earthquakes over 6.0 and many tremors were reported in Nicaragua. Reports from Feed My Starving Children’s partners indicate that everyone is safe and there were no major injuries, but some additional aid was needed. FMSC meals are already at work in the communities affected.

FMSC meals being distributed through Convoy of Hope after the recent earthquake in Nicaragua

This additional help has been deployed in the communities where our partners have established programs. Here’s the report from Convoy of Hope:

“In Mateare, one of the regions most affected by the initial earthquake, in country staff are coordinating with the Nicaraguan government by distributing 1,000 bags of groceries to 1,000 families. The government is facilitating the delivery of the bags.

“Our Children’s Feeding Initiative is already active in Mateare where we are feeding more than 1,800 children, so we were in a good position to get food to earthquake survivors quickly,” says Chris Dudley, Convoy of Hope’s disaster services response director.

Next week we will be delivering 100 kits with kitchen supplies to 100 families who lost all of their household items, 100 barrels to store clean water, and 300 basic school kits to affected families so their children can go back to school,” says Andrea Frey Metzger, Convoy’s Latin America field operations director.”

Convoy of Hope responds after the earthquake in Nicaragua

We are thankful for partners like Convoy of Hope who respond quickly to those in need. To read more, visit

New Video: Typhoon Haiyan Recovery

Last November, Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the Philippines. Feed My Starving Children isn’t primarily a disaster relief organization, but because of our ongoing partnerships on the ground, our meals were able to help families just hours after the storm passed. Convoy of Hope, International Care Ministries (ICM), Risen Savior Missions, and others distributed millions of FMSC meals.

Our newest video shows the damage caused by the storm, the response of our partners, and the long-term recovery that is beginning in the Philippines.

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The Philippines now receives the the second most number of meals from FMSC. We are committed to helping families rebuild. If you’d like to help FMSC feed more kids in the Philippines, please visit

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World Autism Awareness Day

Meet Carlos, Hope, Belle, and Ti Carlos (left to right). These amazing kids live in Haiti at the Miriam Center, a special needs orphanage run by our partner Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. All four kids also have autism.

Today World Autism Awareness Day. Many of Feed My Starving Children’s feeding partners work with children with autism or other special needs.

All children are a gift. We hope this video will make you smile.

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Today we shine a light on autism. Every child deserves to eat.

Thank You to Phoenix from the Philippines

If you volunteered at our Change the World from Phoenix event in February, you helped pack more than 550,000 FMSC meals for the Philippines.

Mark Crea, FMSC’s Executive Director/CEO, recently returned from the Philippines. Watch this short video:

Thanks again to everyone who packed and donated! If you’d like to help us expand in Arizona, please visit

FMSC MarketPlace: Ugandan Baskets

Imagine if the hope for your entire family was on your shoulders alone. You are the sole provider for your two children and 5 orphaned grandchildren who lost their parents to AIDS. This is a reality for Madrine, a 53-year-old widow and grandmother.

Rather than giving up, Madrine’s hard work has turned a difficult situation into an inspiring one. By weaving baskets made from grass she gathers herself, she is able to insure a future of hope and prosperity for her family.

Madrine is a Ugandan artisan who provides for her family through her craft.

Before she began earning income by selling her baskets, Madrine and the children were forced to work in nearby fields to earn enough for a small meal. She could not afford to buy the medications she needed to treat her HIV, nor could she afford to send any of the children to school. Frail and hungry after a day in the fields, the burden began taking a toll on her.

Madrine is a Ugandan artisan who provides for her family through her craft.

Madrine was given a second chance in life. In 2010, Madrine joined the Hope Again Women, a cooperative that empowers women by teaching them how to make handmade jewelry and baskets, and providing a market to sell their goods. By selling her hand-woven baskets, she is now able to purchase the medicine she needs to stay alive, provide nutritious food for her family and ensure that her children receive a quality education. Madrine has become a leader in the Hope Again Women’s group, training new members to perfect their craft.

Your purchase of one of Madrine’s baskets not only supports her family, but also provides nutritious meals for children in Uganda and around the world.

To purchase a hand-woven Ugandan grass basket, visit

FMSC MarketPlace - Hand-woven Ugandan grass basket
FMSC MarketPlace - Ugandan hand-woven grass basket