From The Field

Hope for Nilo

Little Nilo’s mother died while giving birth to him, leaving her heartbroken husband as the sole provider for their three children.

The family lived high up the mountains in the Philippines. Life was harsh and challenging. Nilo’s father worked far away in a distant village. Rarely able to return home, he left his kids in the care of their loving grandmother, Lourdes.

Without his mother to breastfeed him, Nilo didn’t receive the nourishment he needed.

“Sometimes we only had water, coffee or tea to feed Nilo,” his grandmother said.

At 11 months old, tiny Nilo only weighed 10 pounds. A healthy boy his age should weigh twice that!

Lourdes worried her grandson would die. Skin hung off of his bony body. His stomach was swollen and terribly painful. He wouldn’t eat.

Determined to help Nilo, Lourdes carried her grandson down the steep mountainside through thick jungle to get him to FMSC partner International Care Ministries (ICM).

Nilo was diagnosed with extreme malnutrition and immediately fed MannaPack Rice. After nearly one year eating FMSC meals, Nilo’s weight doubled. He gained nine pounds. His appetite returned!

Look at his amazing progress!

Nilo before FMSC meals Nilo after FMSC meals Nilo after 1 year eating FMSC meals!

“Without FMSC meals, Nilo would have had no way to escape starvation. Thank you for saving Nilo and many other children in similar situations from malnutrition.” – ICM

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Nilo and his grandmother Lourdes after 1 year on FMSC meals

“The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” – Deuteronomy 31:8

Feeding a Mother and Daughter in Nicaragua

Gloria’s mother sells fruit and water on the streets of Nicaragua. She doesn’t make enough money to support herself and her 11-year-old daughter.

They live with two other families and there isn’t enough food to go around.

Through our partner, Samaritan’s International of Waxhaw, they are able to eat at least one hot, nutritious meal a day, five days a week.

MannaPack™ meals are delivered by staff and prepared by community members. A typical feeding program consists of providing food to children at a church, school or health clinic.

Gloria Gloria's mom

(Gloria is the little girl on the left in photo on the left. Her mother is the woman wearing pink in the photo on the right.)

“By knowing that even if they are hungry and that there is no food at home, they can look forward to this meal at the end of the day…it takes tremendous stress of their backs and helps them throughout the day,” Samaritan’s International said.

Gloria and her mother say, “Muchísimas Gracias a FMSC para ayudarnos diario,” which roughly means,

“The most thanks to FMSC for helping us daily.”

This sweet family lives in the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Thanks to your generous support of FMSC, we were able to ship more than 32 million meals to Nicaragua last year.

Thank YOU for supporting FMSC and helping families like Gloria’s get the nutrition they need.

Simon’s Story: 22 Pounds of Hope

When Smile Africa Ministries, a Ugandan orphanage that partners with FMSC, met baby Simon in 2014, the 9-month-old weighed 10 pounds.

He was malnourished and being treated for an infection. He needed constant monitoring, so he was placed in foster care with volunteer nurses.

When he returned to Smile Africa at the beginning of this year, they began feeding him FMSC MannaPack™ meals.

By October, he weighed 32 pounds!

“The rice has played a huge role in Simon’s continued physical recovery,” Smile Africa said.

Many of the children in Smile Africa’s feeding program live in a nearby slum. The MannaPack is the only daily meal that many of them receive.

“We have seen the physical improvement of many malnourished children from feeding on the FMSC rice,” they said. “We have also seen that it has improved their behavior and allowed many of them to focus in class much better than before.”

Success stories like this are because of you. Simon eats meals that YOU packed with your own two hands. That is amazing. Never forget the difference two hours of your time makes.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” – Desmond Tutu

Little Simon before FMSC meals

Simon before

Gratitude in Cambodia

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we wanted to share this story of gratitude with you.

Kheunon Ty is now 19 years old and has been in an orphanage in Cambodia since he was four years old. His parents died when he was young, leaving him and his two brothers in the care of their grandparents.

Kheunon Ty remembers that though his grandparents were old and sick, they tried their best to provide for their grandchildren. But at most they were only able to feed them one meal a day.

Cambodia Kheunon Ty

When Kheunon Ty and his brothers moved to the orphanage, he was surprised not only by the love that he felt, but by the ease of access to food.

Every day I’ve had three full meals. This is so amazing to me! Still to this day I think about how difficult it was before and how easy now it is to eat,” he said. “It makes me cry, and I don’t know exactly why. But I just know I am so blessed!

FMSC meals are saving the lives of young men like Kheunon Ty, and you are helping make that possible! May God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving season and always.

In Haiti, daily school meals improve grades

On a recent trip to a school in Haiti, Sharon Olwig of God’s Ministry in LaGonave, Inc. went from classroom to classroom and saw kids with huge smiles on their faces.

They were eating FMSC meals and socializing.

“It was just like what I felt should normally take place in a grade school cafeteria here in the states,” she said.

After serving the morning meal, teachers reported more attentive students and a better school atmosphere.

After one year of eating MannaPack™ meals, overall grades at that school jumped from 63 to 95 percent!

“This amazing increase proves what we were sure to be true,” Olwig said. “These children do want to learn and are very capable of it, but proper nutrition must be present.”

A daily meal at school helps kids concentrate on learning rather than their growling stomachs.

Hot lunches reduce school dropout rates by 200-300 percent in developing countries, according to the World Food Programme.

Read more about why school meals are vital and how YOU can help bring HOPE to hungry kids.