50 Years of Marriage Celebrated in the Packing Room

Toni and Blair Baker celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Feed My Starving Children.

More than 100 family and friends came out to the event that the couple decided would be a better fit than a celebration at a banquet hall. Toni wore her wedding veil.

Toni had the idea last spring when she realized the couple’s 50th anniversary was on a Friday. She immediately went to the FMSC website to see if any packing sessions were available. They had first packed at FMSC a few years ago and realized it was fun and worthwhile.

“This is something we have fun, at and we’re aware that some of our friends haven’t done it so it’s a good chance to help people realize how fun giving can be,”Toni said.

The best man from their wedding came all the way from California for the celebration.

The Bakers

The Bakers

The couple didn’t want gifts or cards for the occasion. They asked friends and family to donate to FMSC instead. They raised more than $1,000!

“If 50 people went out and bought $3 cards that’s $150 more that can go to FMSC,” Toni said, although they were pleased to get a card in the mail from a friend in California with an FMSC $50 donation card inside.

After the packing session, the group went to dinner at the Green Mill. Inspired by the couple’s idea, the restaurant gave a percentage of their bill to FMSC.

The session packed 18,360 meals. That’s 50 kids fed for an entire year!

“It sounds corny, but we as a family have been so blessed that it just seems appropriate when you’ve had 50 wonderful safe healthy years that you do something to give back,” she said.

Thank you for spending your anniversary with us, Toni and Blair!

January Meal Shipping Report

In January, 25,649,568 MannaPack™ meals were shipped to more than 20 countries.

It takes a lot of volunteers to send that many meals in one month! Thank you for helping us feed children around the world!

January Shipping

This school of 204 students in Haiti relies on MannaPack meals.

“The food is great because it gives the children a lot of needed vitamins. It helps the students in school,” the director of the school said. “Several of the students are not able to eat a meal if it wasn’t for the food. The school meal is their primary meal of the day.”

DSS Ponce School Students

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Meet our MarketPlace Artisans

Above: a screenshot from our new Meet the Artisans page

The FMSC MarketPlace was started in 2008 as a way to connect volunteers to individuals living in communities receiving FMSC food. Since then, it has grown to include 17 artisan partners from six different countries. We are thrilled to bring you their stories through a new page on our online MarketPlace called “Meet the Artisans.”

These stories are amazing, inspiring, and joyful and we want to share them with you!

Each month, additional artisan stories will be added for you to enjoy or share with someone you have bought a one-of-a-kind gift for. It is important for volunteers and customers to remember the impact their purchase made and to continue to support artisans like Claudy, S’bonga, Betty and Teresa, who will tell you what a single purchase means to them and their families.


Above: a screenshot from our new Meet the Artisans page

The choice to purchase a handmade item might seem simple, but it makes a huge difference in the lives of FMSC artisan partners.

It means economic growth in the community receiving meals and sustaining the livelihoods of now hundreds of artisans who find dignity and hope through the sale of their craft.

Whether the connection is made through a recycled magazine necklace from Uganda, fresh coffee beans from Nicaragua, or a handmade clay mug from Haiti – the impact is the same — volunteers hold an item in their hand that was made with skill and creativity by an artisan who can hope for a better future!

Above: each country on our Meet the Artisans page includes a graphic providing context about that country and FMSC’s relationship with them

Visit the Meet the Artisans page and print out the stories to give along with your gifts so your friends and family can also meet the individual whose skill provided them with a beautiful piece of jewelry, a fresh cup of morning coffee or their wonderful wedding gift!

We hope you will be as inspired as we are by the resilience, talent and ingenuity of the artisans we are honored to promote at FMSC!

Thank You, Miami!

We just have two words for you, South Florida — THANK YOU.

Because of you, 13,761 kids will be fed for an entire year!

THOUSANDS of you showed up last week for world hunger — some of you came and packed multiple times so we could reach our goal.

And after all the running, sweating, shouting, scooping and yes, dancing — more than 5 MILLION MEALS are now available to children who need it most.

Those meals are now on their way to feed precious children in Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Grenada and Guyana.


Find future MobilePack™ events HERE.

Sea of hairnets

South Florida shows up



Kids pack meals








Making boxes


Haitian Clay Mugs

For Your Valentine: A Mug that Gives Hope

The special day to tell the one you love how thankful you are for their presence in your life is just around the corner. Perhaps you cherish your Valentine because of their compassion for others or the work they do to enhance justice and peace in the world. Maybe it’s their kindness that inspires you each day to be a better person.

If so, consider giving a gift that not only treats your Valentine to a cup of their favorite morning beverage – but also supports artisans in Haiti who share the hard work and compassion for their family and friends.

This Valentine’s Day you can give a gift that gives back.

Feed My Starving Children works with 30 direct food partners who, last year, delivered more than 78 million FMSC meals to schools, orphanages, and clinics throughout Haiti.

In desperate times, extremely poor families in Haiti will mix clay from the ground with water, oil and salt to create a clay “cookie”. These clay cookies are eaten by adults and children in order to fill their stomachs when food is not available.


By transforming the same clay into beautiful, clay mugs, Haitian artisans from the Apparent Project are able to sculpt their way out of poverty and support their families!

The Apparent Project is working in the midst of Haiti’s capital city, Port-Au-Price, where many FMSC meals begin their journey. This socially conscious cooperative consists of 300 Haitian artisans. The Apparent Project provides hope and dignity to the artisans involved whose livelihoods depend on the sales of their craft.

Apparent Project

Haitian Clay Mug

One of those talented artisans is Genese. She has been working for Apparent Project for the past three years. She started by rolling beads, which were used to make beautiful bracelets and necklaces. After 11 months, her hard work and artistic abilities carried her in to a new art medium — working with clay.

She and her husband have two daughters and three sons. The income she generates from the sales of her clay items covers the cost for her children’s education as well as providing food and shelter for her family.


Genese says, “Thank you for buying our mugs so I can take care of my family!”

Support Genese by purchasing one of her mugs for your Valentine today!