98.5 KTIS Partners with FMSC

We’re excited to announce that 98.5 KTIS Radio (St. Paul, Minn.) is partnering with FMSC this week. For every gift or pledge of a dollar-a-day during KTIS’ Fall SHARE, a friend of Feed My Starving Children will donate six-months worth of meals to a hungry child in Haiti in your honor.

See how our meals are making a huge difference in Haiti:

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If you are brand new to FMSC, welcome! Visit www.fmsc.org/about to see how we work.

Jenna + Ben

“Jenna is the kindest, warmest person I have ever met,” Ben told us.

In August, Ben asked Jenna to marry him. Jenna said yes.

As part of the proposal, Ben made a $1,000 donation to FMSC. “We are very happy to make FMSC part of such a significant moment in our lives.”

Congrats to to Ben and Jenna! Your generosity is stunning. Keep changing the world as a team!

When Ben asked Jenna to marry him, he also gave a $1000 donation to FMSC.

August Meal Shipping Report

With your help, FMSC shipped 14,762,160 meals in August. Thanks to everyone who volunteered (including our big MobilePack events in Houston, Dallas, and Chicago!).

In August 2014, FMSC shipped almost 15 million meals.

Here’s a recent picture of FMSC meals making a huge impact in Burkina Faso:

FMSC meals making an impact in Burkina Faso

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Proof Our Volunteers Are Superheroes

Our volunteers are superheroes.

Here’s the proof:

Our volunteers sometimes run 100 miles in a week (and sometimes they run marathons).
Our volunteers can jump on a trampoline for over 20 hours straight.
Our volunteers can tackle huge obstacle courses with ease.
Our volunteers sometimes pack meals every single week for over a year.
Our volunteers even pack meals on their birthday.

Then there’s this:

FMSC Volunteers are Superheroes

FMSC Volunteers are Superheroes

The biggest proof: Nearly 800,000 FMSC volunteers packed over 191,600,000 meals last year alone.

Only Superheroes could do that.

FMSC Volunteers are Superheroes.

Meals Sold at the MN State Fair Benefit FMSC

Big thanks to our friends at the Hamline Church Dining Hall. For every meal they sold at the MN State Fair, they donated the cost of one meal to FMSC!

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