See Houston Pack Over 1 Million Meals

On August 1-2, thousands of volunteers in Houston, Texas packed 1,251,936 meals. (See pictures of the Houston event HERE.)

“We believe this is the city of Houston’s gift to the rest of the world.” said Cory, one of Houston’s MobilePack organizers.

Watch this new video to see our Houston volunteers in action:

(if video does not load, CLICK HERE.)

It has been a big summer for Texas. After our Houston event, volunteers in Dallas packed 1,003,104 meals, the Athletics Department at Baylor University packed 108,864 meals, and just this past week, volunteers in San Antonio packed an enormous 4,043,315 meals.

Find out if a MobilePack event is visiting a city near you:

12 Fundraisers We Wouldn’t Exist Without

We wouldn’t exist without you. Not only do we rely on volunteers to pack the meals, but FMSC runs on donations from fundraisers all around the world. Here are some of recent efforts by our always amazing fans.

Maralice and friends organized the Kartwheels 4 Kids event and raised $840 for FMSC
Maralice and friends organized the Kartwheels 4 Kids event and raised $840 for FMSC

10-year-old Maryalice was inspired after reading “Yellow Star,” the story of Sylvia Perlmutter’s survival during the Holocaust, and meeting Perlmutter on a trip to Washington D.C. this year. Maryalice and Sylvia agreed that “no kids should go hungry.”

Maryalice and her friends Grace, Lola, Katelyn, and Martha decided to organize an event called Kartwheels 4 Kids. The event had activities, prizes, and a bake sale and lemonade stand. In total, the girls raised $840 for FMSC. They plan on doing the event again next year.

Christian Motorcycle Association from Duluth raised $753.34 and packed over 35,000 meals at FMSC.

The Christian Motorcycle Association rode from Duluth, Minn. to our Coon Rapids, Minn. packing site, raising $753.34 for FMSC. They also helped pack 35,640 meals.

Lauren collected $125 by doing a class project on world hunger and FMSC
Natasha & friends raised $2,200 through their garage sale in Illinois.

(left) Lauren decided to examine world hunger for a class project. She presented FMSC as a solution & even collected $125 to feed more kids.

(right) Natasha & friends raised $2,200 through their garage sale in Illinois.

Protiviti booked a whole session at our Tempe, AZ site and brought a $4,000 donation.

Protiviti booked a whole packing session at our Tempe, AZ site and brought a $4,000 donation.

The Abbey Coffee in Santa Cruz, CA is donating to FMSC for select products sold.
Isaac (far right) asked for donations instead of birthday gifts. He raised $107 to feed the hungry!

(left) The Abbey Coffee in Santa Cruz, CA is donating a meal through FMSC for every purchase of their designated “Give Hope” products, now through the end of the year.

(right) Isaac (yellow shirt) asked for donations instead of birthday gifts and raised $107.

Soybean farmers in Indiana tithe 10% of their crops to FMSC

FMSC purchases all the ingredients in our meals, unless we get a unique donation like this. A group of soybean farmers in LaGrange County, Indiana tithe 10% of their crops to FMSC. They also do a “prayer walk” around their crops, all before you even scoop that third ingredient.

Ellie & Marissa raised $401 for FMSC at their lemonade stand!
Amazing Cosmetics Studio raised money for FMSC with the lemonade stand

(left) Ellie & Marissa raised $401 for FMSC at their lemonade stand in Minnesota.

(right) Who says lemonade stands are only for kids? Amazing Cosmetics Studio in Libertyville, Ill. raised money for FMSC by selling tasty pink lemonade.

U.S. Bank interns made a $2,000 donation to FMSC

Interns from U.S. Bank loved packing at FMSC so much that they returned and made a $2,000 donation.

Doherty raised $1000 for FMSC at their summer picnic with a dunk tank, car wash, and donations.
Doherty raised $1000 for FMSC at their summer picnic with a dunk tank, car wash, and donations.

Doherty Employment Group raised $1000 for FMSC at their summer picnic with a dunk tank and car wash.

Thanks again to everyone who helps FMSC continue feeding the hungry! To make a donation, please visit

New Strength to Stand

“Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds
for mankind, for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.”
– Psalm 107:8-9

Kid sits listlessly in his mother Myrel’s arms. His tiny ribcage protrudes from his chest. His frail, spindly arms and legs are unable to support him. In their scanty seaside home located in a slum community of Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines, Myrel and her husband Roger work raggedly. They do everything they can to support Kid and his 16-year-old brother, Wilmer. But their very best efforts are not enough.

Roger risks his health and safety every day—his work is located far away in a gold mine, where he barely earns $10 per month. This wage is insufficient to feed and provide for their family. They cannot afford to send their older son to school, and their baby boy, Kid, is malnourished and struggling.

Though Myrel plants vegetables and gathers shellfish for work, she is unable to make enough money to purchase basic necessities and watches helplessly as her children go to bed hungry, day after day.

FMSC’s partner International Care Ministries (ICM) discovered the family and quickly referred them to ICM’s Home-Based Feeding program—a nutrition and feeding initiative for malnourished children. The family began receiving FMSC MannaPack meals. Suddenly, they had hope.

FMSC's meals at work in the Philippines
FMSC's meals at work in the Philippines

As a result of the feeding program, Kid has vastly improved. His skin looks healthier, his arms have developed muscle and his legs are strong enough to support him—he is now able to stand and walk! The MannaPack meals provide the nutrition he needs to sustain his body, grow stronger and laugh and play with other kids. What a miracle!

“I am happy because I get full with the MannaPack and also I am happy for my brother that is now healthy and able to walk,” said Wilmer.

Because of you, Kid stands! Your passion for those in need enables children just like Kid to gain the strength and opportunity to rise above starvation and gain a bright and beautiful future!

The fight is real. No child should starve. No parent should have to watch helplessly as their child slowly fades away. There are many other children in the same situation around the world, starving and without resources.

Your kind-hearted, generous giving restores the lives of children like Kid, helps our long-term partners like ICM sustain their already established feeding programs, and enables FMSC to continue to provide aid in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

To give, visit

2014 MN Gala Registration Now Open

Registration for our 2014 Minnesota Gala is now open. Join us on Friday, November 14, 2014 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minn.

The evening will include dinner, live auction, large MarketPlace, live storytelling from Zinhle Nzima (one child from Swaziland whose life was changed by FMSC meals) and several special videos.

Register for the MN Gala today!

Fingertips: An Update from Thailand

It is amazing to see how far God’s reach is, especially when He is caring for His people in need.

Mark Crea (Executive Director/CEO), Jeannine Aquino (Regional Program Coordinator for southeast Asia), and I are in far western Thailand, directly across the river from Myanmar. It is a tough place to get to, only accessible by one road that twists, climbs, and descends through an endless span of steep mountains and deep valleys. One of our objectives this year in FMSC’s Department of International Programs is to learn how to better serve our partners working with people in the most remote and underserved places. We picked the right spot to visit to learn this.

Yesterday, we were part of a time of worship and food distribution to the poor and hungry Myanmar people who braved a four hour walk in a hot and steamy jungle, crossed a swollen river, and sought help from people that only God could have called. Our FMSC Distribution Partner, Venture Expeditions, has been helping the Myanmar and Thai poor and displaced for years by gaining experience and the trust of local partners, leaders, and governments.

People came by the hundreds, sang songs of praise and left with boxes of FMSC food strapped to their backs or balanced on top of their heads. We watched them go as they made their way back to their distant homes in unmapped places. Most were smiling.

Cooking FMSC meals in Thailand.

This is the 34th country I have visited and in all my travels, I have to say that I deeply admire the work being accomplished here. It is like seeing God’s hand fully extended, fingers outstretched to touch the lives of hundreds that would otherwise be untouched. We get to be part of this great extension of compassion.

Please know that our partners appreciate all that FMSC’s donors, volunteers and staff do for them. Without FMSC MannaPack meals, the effectiveness of outreaches like this would be drastically reduced.

Please continue to pray for all those still needing to be reached. They are there, but never beyond His fingertips.

“Then you will call upon me and come to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29: 12-13

A child stand near boxes of FMSC meals in Thailand.