Reuniting a Family

In a tiny Zimbabwe village, Thembani was weak and sick. At 11 years old, his health was struggling due to a poor diet. His mother, Portia, was out of options as a single parent. With no choice but to leave the village in search of work, she left Thembani and his two siblings in the care of their grandmother while she took a job in the city as a housekeeper. She hoped this would help her to provide for her family.

Portia hated being separated from her children, and tried to visit them as often as possible. Every time she saw them, they would tell her how much they missed her and how poor their diet was. This broke her heart. She loved them dearly, yet there was nothing she could do. She didn’t have a place for them to stay and could not afford to provide for her three children.

One day Portia was offered a small job by a member of a local church. She began going to church, heard about FMSC’s partner Children’s Cup, and told them about her situation. The staff at Children’s Cup urged Portia to bring her children to the city. Once they arrived, they began receiving FMSC MannaPack Rice.

Thembani’s health has incredibly improved! He has gained noticeable weight, now attends school and is able to smile again. Portia and her family are together. They are healthy and happy because of the compassion of our partner, Children’s Cup, and the provision of MannaPack Rice, packed by YOUR hands.

Portia, Thembani, Thembelihle and Ncuncu say “THANK YOU” for making such a huge difference in their lives!

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World Food Day 2014

This week, we observe two poverty-fighting days: World Food Day (today) and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (Oct 17).

Feed My Starving Children celebrated our billionth meal packed by volunteers earlier in October. We are filled with gratitude and amazement by how you fight hunger not just on these two days, but every day.

Until all are fed, we must continue to do this important work. Please join us:

Thank you for all you do to turn hunger into hope!

FMSC meals in Nicaragua

Bigger and Better Aurora, IL Packing Site

Our packing site in Aurora, Ill just got bigger! We knocked down some walls, added a few offices, and most importantly, increased the number of packing stations. With more stations, we can welcome more volunteers and feed more kids.

Pictures of the new Aurora, Illinois FMSC packing site.

Pictures of the new Aurora, Illinois FMSC packing site.

Pictures of the new Aurora, Illinois FMSC packing site.

Pictures of the new Aurora, Illinois FMSC packing site.

Pictures of the new Aurora, Illinois FMSC packing site.

Our Aurora, Ill. site is now open for packing! See our new site and schedule your next packing session at

September Meal Shipping Report

In September, you helped us ship over 16 million FMSC meals. We also announced a major milestone this week: in our history, volunteers have packed 1 billion meals! We are incredibly grateful for your dedication to the mission of FMSC.

Meals shipped by FMSC in September 2014.

In the coming months, FMSC is planning on packing more meals for the hungry. Our partners in Liberia need help with Ebola response, and we also have hundreds of other requests from around the world. Please volunteer and donate to help us continue this important work.

A new picture of FMSC meals arriving in Nicaragua through ORPHANetwork:

FMSC meals in Nicaragua

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Milestone: FMSC Volunteers Pack One Billion Meals

I am thrilled to announce that Feed My Starving Children has packed 1 BILLION MEALS! What an exceptional milestone!

We did the math—through your commitment to feeding God’s precious children, more than 4.2 million volunteers have hand-packed one billion meals for malnourished children in nearly 70 countries.

(if video does not load, CLICK HERE.)

Because of your two hands, God’s rich provision and blessing on FMSC, and an exceptional network of missions and humanitarian organizations, lives have been changed all around the world.

You are truly the difference between hunger and hope.

It is such a blessing to do His work! From the bottom of all of our hearts, thank you for helping us reach one billion meals! We couldn’t do this without you.

We look forward to another billion life-saving meals and to the day when ALL are fed!

FMSC volunteers have now packed 1 billion meals