Bracelets Made From MannaPack Boxes

Artisans in Haiti are handcrafting beautiful bracelets out of used MannaPack Rice™ boxes.

Feed My Starving Children has been sending food to an organization in Haiti called Chances for Children that serves MannaPack meals to children in medical clinics, orphanages and schools up to twice a day, five days a week.

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Chances for Children also operates a Women’s Empowerment Program called “Ila Joi,” which means Island Rejoicing.

The empowerment program supports 40 women and is based in Kenscoff, Haiti. After FMSC boxes have been emptied and the meals served to those in need, the women of IIa Joi come together to handcraft these beautiful bracelets out of the FMSC boxes.

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When you volunteer at Feed My Starving Children, you have a direct connection to the individuals you are feeding through the box of meals you prepared for them. Now those same boxes are being recycled and sent back to our volunteers and customers in the form of this one-of-a-kind bracelet!

Each FMSC MannaPack box contains 216 nutritious meals ready to feed the body of a child in need. These bracelets are an amazing example of a full-circle connection.

Your purchase of this bracelet will provide funding to create 27 FMSC meals — which will be packaged and boxed to serve even more children in need around the world…and the circle continues!

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YOU Helped FMSC Reach a Milestone!

Mark Crea is the Executive Director/CEO of Feed My Starving Children.

“For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.” Psalm 33:4

It took 25 years and a rededication to the Lord for Feed My Starving Children to reach 1 billion meals produced and given to God’s starving children.

We reached 1 billion meals on October 23, 2014.

Today, 21 months later with Gods continued blessing, we’ve reached the 1.5 billion meal mark!


This means children like 3-year-old Erix in the Philippines in now healthy and has hope for the future.

Erix was sickly, irritable and tired easily.

His mother thought he was teething, but our partner in the Philippines discovered that he was very malnourished.

“We don’t know what to feed our children to make them healthy!” his mother said.

Weeks after the regular feeding of MannaPack Rice™ began, Erix had an amazing transformation.


Bless you for your commitment to keeping FMSC focused on the Lord and feeding HIS children.

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The Haitian Initiative: More than Soccer

Marie Love Jean’s face lights up when you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up. The 15-year-old from Haiti wants to be an accountant. A smile spreads across her face when she talks about how much she loves math.

She wants to stay involved with the Haitian Initiative, the program that runs her soccer team, currently in Minnesota competing in the Schwan’s USA Cup.

They packed meals at the Feed My Starving Children headquarters during their two-week stay.

The visit was made possible through The Sanneh Foundation and a grant from the U.S. State Department.



The 15 girls and 15 soccer coaches in the packing session are all from Cite Soleil, a dangerous and impoverished part of Haiti full of makeshift homes with no running water. The city is plagued by gangs and malnutrition.

“Of course. Yes, I’m afraid. My house is not so strong,” Marie said about her daily life.

She has four brothers and one sister. Before the program, she did not eat every day.

But four years ago she joined the Haitian Initiative, which works with FMSC partner Healing Haiti, where she plays soccer and eats a MannaPack meal daily.

The program feeds and coaches 400 kids just like Marie, six days a week.

“It keeps them healthy and their bodies alive,” said program manager Makenzy Francois. “If we didn’t have this food, we couldn’t have 400 kids.”


In the four years he’s run the program, he says he’s seen the children grow.

MannaPack Rice is one of the most popular foods in Haiti, he said. “It saves many children and even adults.”

Soccer and school — and the meals that fuel them — give Marie opportunities, she said.

And now packing them?

“It’s very special,” she said. “I never knew that’s where they make them.”

The group was part of 112 total volunteers who packed 159 boxes of food. That means 34,344 meals were made and 94 kids fed for a year!

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Angel: Saved Just in Time

One-year old Angel lives deep in the mountains of the Philippines in a very isolated community. Her mother died when she was only a few days old. Her father couldn’t care for her. It was a very tough situation.

Angel’s Uncle Berto and Aunt Mena brought her into their small home. They had no way to give Angel the nutrients she needed, and they quickly became concerned about their niece’s health.

Ribs protruded from Angel’s chest. Loose skin sagged from her arms. She was drastically underweight at only nine pounds and terribly frail.

They had no electricity or running water. Their nearest water source was a half mile trek down the mountain. They were grateful when the rains came so they could collect the rainwater.

“Berto and Mena feared that Angel would not recover.
They felt helpless, because they had very little resources to purchase nutritious food.”

– International Care Ministries (ICM), FMSC food partner

When ICM’s nutrition team came to their small, dusty village and met Angel, she was extremely malnourished, pale and lifeless. They put her in their feeding program. She started eating FMSC MannaPack™ meals every day.

After just eight weeks, Angel grew taller and gained almost five pounds! The nutritious meals restored her energy. This sickly toddler was renewed. She is now a healthy, smiling little girl.

Before and After

Angel before MannaPack mealsAngel after MannaPack meals

Angel’s aunt was extremely relieved. “I am thankful to FMSC for helping Angel regain her health,” she said. “The MannaPacks helped Angel gain weight and recover.”

Today, seven months later, she weighs 32 pounds!

Angel after MannaPack mealsAngel after MannaPack meals

Without FMSC meals, Angel might not have survived. Because you stepped in, Angel’s life was saved just in time.

“I thought her condition was hopeless. I am so thankful for you.”

– Aunt Mena

You are the difference between death and life.

Angel after MannaPack meals

“…do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you…” – Isaiah 41:10

This 5 Year Old is Making Bracelets to Feed Kids

Aly made adorable beach-themed bracelets by hand to raise money for Feed My Starving Children.

Her Vacation Bible School in California set a goal to raise $5,000 for an FMSC packing event at the church. Aly loves making videos and crafts and came up with the idea all on her own.

She sold 47 bracelets and raised $235 to feed kids! People from as far away as the United Kingdom were ordering these very special bracelets.

“We actually had to cut it off because the store ran out of the beads, and they are a bit time consuming for a five-year-old to make as we learned!” dad Justin said.

Aly is still finishing the bracelets that were ordered.

She also decided to empty her piggy bank on the floor, Justin said. “She told us, ‘I think the kids who are hungry deserve to have more money than I have.'”

close up bracelet

She then divided the money in two — half to donate and half to keep.

But she quickly changed her mind and reached into her half and grabbed a big handful of coins and put it in the other half to donate.

“She’s only five, but she’s always been very compassionate and mature in her wanting to help others,” Justin said.

Thank you, Aly! We are inspired by your heart for other kids!